Backup Files in Windows 10

How To Free Up Disk Space On Your Windows 10 Device By Deleting Backup Files

If you’re running out of disk space on your Windows 10 device, we have a solution for you! Delete backup files with this easy to follow tutorial. 

How-to Delete Backup Files in Windows 10: 

1) Click the Windows button and type “Storage sense” into the search bar. Select “Storage sense”. 

2) Click on the “Cleaning now” button at the bottom right corner of Storage Sense. 

3) You can select which types of data will be deleted by clicking on any one of them (either Low quality or old versions). 

4) After selecting what data types should be deleted, click “OK.” 

5) This is when it gets interesting – there are two options for how you want to delete your backup files.

– Delete files immediately: Files will be deleted as soon as you click this option, so if you have any important data backed up, make sure to copy it somewhere else before continuing. 

– Delete files later: This will schedule the deletion of your backup files for a time that’s convenient for you. 

Storagesense can be set up and run automatically.

Click the Configure Storage Sense or Run It Now link to open the window and make any necessary changes..

Windows Backup files can take up a lot of disk space, especially if you have been using the feature for a while. 

If you’re using OneDrive Files on Demand, your backups will be stored in the cloud. 

You can review and delete files from the OneDrive website by following these steps: 

Sign in to with your Microsoft account. 

Select More > Delete files. 

Select the check box next.

Review Backup Files on OneDrive 

If you’re using backup files stored in the cloud, you can delete them from any browser by following these steps: 

Sign into Microsoft account at and select your device’s name to open it’s settings page. Delete unneeded folders under “Backup” section of it.s

If you’re using a local backup, you can delete the old backups by following these steps: 

Open File Explorer. 

In the Navigation pane, select This PC. 

Under Devices and drives, right-click your backup drive and select Delete files and folders. 

Note: Deleting local backups will also delete.